Step 4: Narrow your choices

Based on the work you’ve done learning your personal preferences and abilities and eliminating majors that do not ‘fit’, you should find you have made a short list of programs you want to examine more closely.

You can go directly to the York web pages for the programs you are considering, and research details of the academic programs you have in mind.  You will want to know specific requirements of your academic choices, such the curriculum and the correct sequence of courses (some courses require completion of certain requirements or other courses). 

  • What are the criteria for acceptance?  
  • Is there a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) required?  What is it?
  • Is there an application with a deadline?  When is the deadline?
  • Are there limits to the number of students selected for the major? 

Often, the best resource will be the academic department where the major ‘lives’.  To ensure you are making the best progress through your program requirements, consult with the experts: the faculty themselves.  No one wants to discover they have taken courses that do not apply toward their degree.

At any point along the way, staff members in the Office of Academic Advisement are happy to help!  Please stop by or make an appointment for a conversation!   

Office Location: AC-2C01 for appointments: (718) 262-2280

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