Step 2: Research career options and explore the links between majors and jobs.

With pre-professional programs such as teaching and nursing, the link between preparation and career is implicit. Some people prefer to have a clear career outcome follow a college degree.

But what if you change careers? 

Statistics show that most people change careers more than once in their lifetimes. Liberal Arts degrees can provide flexibility for today’s changing workplace by providing solid foundations for a wide range of professions.  Liberal Arts majors strengthen ‘transferable skills’ by teaching reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving, research techniques, and sharpening communication skills in writing and speaking.  With these tools in your toolkit, the flexible Liberal Arts candidate can be trained in specifics on the job.  

Quoted in the December 2008 NACE Journal, responding to current economic conditions, Kathy Sims, director of the UCLA career center, comments. “… Liberal Arts students … are very accustomed to adapting to different types of recruitment situations.”

Government surveys show that whatever path you choose, completinga four-year degree can double annual earnings.  (U.S. Census Bureau)

Here are some resources to help you with your investigation:

Search the internet – you will find plenty of information.  Below are some helpful sites:
  • “What Can I Do With a Major in….?” ~ Links majors to careers, specific to Queens College majors but many York majors are listed.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: ~ Gives details on job outlook, training required, salary information for almost any career you can think of.
  • ONet  ~ An interactive occupational resource that includes self-tests and information.
Be willing to seek out professors, people in the field, friends and family and take advantage of their perspectives, opinions and expertise.  Ask professionals in fields you are considering about their college major.  What you hear may surprise you!

Consider volunteering, job shadowing or interning to get experience in your field of interest.

  •  JobShadow. ~ A site with resources and materials related to job shadowing.  Learn all about a job, career, and company by shadowing career professionals

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