York Major Choices Guide

Need help choosing a Major? Use our interactive Major Choices Guide. By choosing a phrase below that describes your interests, you will be taken to a new page with links to matching York majors. This guide is designed to be a starting place to explore York College majors.

Questions List

  1. I am interested in helping others
  2. I am interested in teaching elementary-level children
  3. I am interested in teaching secondary-level children
  4. I am interested in the study of humankind: our behavior, our money systems, the stories of our past, our political systems, our societies and cultures, human ethical systems, and where we fit in the big picture
  5. I am interested in the study of human behavior
  6. I am interested in becoming a lawyer
  7. I am creative and enjoy the arts
  8. I enjoy literature and/or writing
  9. I am a strong writer and enjoy research and reporting
  10. I have strong communication skills
  11. I enjoy being physically active and am concerned about health and fitness
  12. I am interested in the business world
  13. I am interested in government work at the federal, state or local level
  14. I am interested in Civil Rights and Humanitarian concerns
  15. I enjoy the study of languages and cultures
  16. I am aiming toward medical school or dental school
  17. I am strong in the sciences, enjoy direct contact with people, am interested in healthcare, and want a professional program
  18. I am strong in the sciences and enjoy laboratory work and/or research
  19. I am strong in the sciences and interested in the Earth and the Environment
  20. I am strong in lab sciences, and want a professional program
  21. I am interested in health fields but am not so strong in the sciences
  22. I am strong in mathematics and enjoy working with numbers
  23. Want to explore an interest and make your degree stronger? Consider a minor:
  24. I am interested in working with computers.

Questions & Answers

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