Community Professional Program (CPP)

The Community Professional Program was established at York College to enhance the educational opportunities for adult students. College credits are granted in recognition of voluntary work that reflects a variety of quality learning experiences.

(Paid experiences may be considered in conjunction with voluntary work.) Each experience must have taken place within the United States and must be verifiable by three people who have knowledge of the student’s activities. The deadline for submitting an application for the Fall semester is November 30 and for the Spring semester the deadline is April 30.

Students must:

  • Be 25 years of age or older.
  • Have a minimum of three years’ intensive community experience, demonstrate outstanding leadership, initiative, organization skills, and professional achievement. The Community Professional Program conceptualizes community services as a learning experience that can complement classroom learning.
  • Have completed a minimum of 28 credits at York College.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.50 on all work completed at York College
  • Have completed less than 90 credits. Students are eligible to pursue any degree program offered by the college, and may receive a maximum of 30 credits for their life experiences.
  • Understand that these services credits are used only for free electives towards the required 120 credits for the baccalaureate degree and cannot be used to meet liberal arts, general education, or major requirements (see General Education requirements or Pathways Education requirements.)

What does Community Services mean?

The term community services mean involvement with community groups or individuals for the purpose of directly or indirectly improving the quality of life in the community. It also implies that a specific effort has been made and that identifiable task has been accomplished which contributes to the community betterment.  

Most important to the concept of community service are the expectations that the individual who was involved was more than a member in an organization. Eligibility for this program requires evidence of the applicant having played a role in the community, service requiring the exercise of things such as leadership, judgement initiative, sensitivity to people, etc. The individual must be able to confirm that through his/her activities and direct involvement certain goals or community service were accomplished and specify activates that took place as a result of his/her participation. The criteria for significant recognized community service contribution can often be satisfied through an applicant’s work in different community organizations such as PTA’s church groups, organization working with youth and or older adults. It is the nature of the work performed as well as the settings or agency in which it is performed that is considered in evaluating an application for the program.   

What learning does the CPP recognize?

The CPP recognizes learning that result from significant community services, specific effort and the successful completion of various tasks. The determined value of this learning in terms of credits granted will depends on the degree to which it includes:

  1. Community related leadership – being in charge of organizing and/or responsible for an effort, task, activity or individual for a group working towards a community service goal.
  2. Different levels of competence – being in various positions responsible for carrying out activates of planning programs and projects, implementing, evaluation, determining policy making decisions at different levels of the community operations.
  3. Relevance to academic areas of learning – being in activities and performing task of community service in which various areas of academic learning are related, such as psychology, sociology, economics, philosophy, etc.
  4. A variety of experience – involvement with different groups and various community services activities, etc.

How should community experience be described?

Name of actual places in the community where service was rendered should appear with specific dates and hours per week. These may include community organization, church group, service organization, school groups scouting, Y’s ad hoc community groups and individuals. A thorough description of your community involvement should also include a brief job description telling specifically:

  1. Your title and position
  2. Your specific responsibilities
  3. Your specific goal (what you were trying to accomplish)
  4. Task, activities, projects, etc., you carried out to achieve the community service goals.
  5. What community service was actually accomplished
  6. What specific skills you used in your position
  7. In what way you demonstrated leadership, initiative organization ability and communication skills.

This information should be filled in on the attached CPP Community Services form”. A separate sheet should be completed for each different community service experience you want to considered. 

How should the community experience description be written?

Your description should be specific as your involvement. For example, if you were involved in an agency you must indicate how you were involved and what level. Did you supervise, administer, conduct evaluate, etc.? It is very important to be specific, give details so that the evaluators can understand exactly what you did.

What other information should be included?

Other information such as awards, recognition of community service given, memberships in community activities directly or indirectly related to community service, etc. that you think will enhance your application should be included. Additional information might be written evaluations by superiors, your proposal for a program, newspaper clippings, letters of recommendation, references, etc.

How should experience be verified?

It should be verified by copies of the community service verification form (blue form) being completed by persons who confirm your community service. The purpose of securing verification forms is threefold:

  1. To verify your community service experience from someone who was familiar with it
  2. To obtain an evaluate judgment on your performance
  3. To provide more specific information on the nature of your responsibilities.

A completed CPP Application includes the following:

  1. CPP Application Form – The applicant must answer the question directly on the form.
  2. CPP community service information form(s) – The applicant must answer questions 1 – 5 directly on the sheet and 6 – 13 on separate sheet of paper. You must complete a separate sheet for each community service experience you wish to be considered. Other types of resumes or forms cannot be used as a substitute.
  3. Community Service Verification Form(s) – verifier should answer questions directly on the form and mail it directly to:

    Office of Student Academic Services 
    Room AC – 4G04
    94 – 20 Guy Brewer Blvd.
    Jamaica, N.Y. 11451
    Telephone : 718-262-2770

    Letters hand delivered or brought by the applicants cannot be accepted. These letters must correspond to the community service described on the information forms. At least three letters of verification must be submitted, however, it is recommended that at least one verification, be provided for each information form submitted.


Office of Student Academic Services:

Academic Core Building 4G04
Office Phone: 718-262-2770