What is General Education?

Pathways FAQ

To assure that students leave college with a rich understanding of the world and the skills needed for success in a competitive global environment, CUNY undergraduates must satisfy Pathways requirements that provide a broad-based General Education, which includes:

    • Well-rounded knowledge of the humanities, sciences and social sciences
    • Critical appreciation of diverse cultures and intellectual traditions
    • Ways to relate the past to today’s complex world
    • The ability to help society create a fresh and enlightened future

    Pathways in General Education:

      • Grounds students in the fundamentals of English, Mathematics and Science
      • Strengthens critical reading and thinking skills
      • Strengthens oral and written communication skills
      • Encourages intellectual curiosity, with the goal of sparking a commitment to lifelong learning

      Faculty from across the University have set rigorous academic standards and defined learning outcomes for each requirement and course.