Provost's Distinguished Scholars Lectures

In this lecture series, prominent national and international scholars, creative artists, and public figures, are invited to visit York College and address important issues of the day or pertaining to their research or creative work.
Apr1002:00 pm

What's Up, Doc?

Distinguished Scholars Lecture

Mar301:00 pm

"It Tore Through The Rock and The Mountains": Earthquakes, Faults and People in Hispaniola

The Caribbean Plate is moving eastward with respect to much larger North and South American plates.

Apr1412:00 pm

Engaging Multi-Dialectalism in the Classroom: Towards a Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Pedagogy

The Provost's Distinguished Lecture Series and the York WAC Program present the 3rd Writing Across the Curriculum Colloquium.

Nov106:00 pm

Cancelled Provost Distinguished Scholars Lecture-Nancy Morejón

With Eyes and Soul: Images of Cuba

Oct2604:00 pm

Distinguished Provost Lecture

Ghosts and Skeletons of Political Violence in our National Closets “The past exists in order that we forget it” (Howard Jacobson, J)

Nov1604:00 pm

Punishment and Crime in the Caribbean

Research Conversations Series with Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith Provost & Senior Vice President Office of Academic Affairs

May606:00 pm

Slavery Today: Bondage and Abolition in the 21st Century

Provost Distinguished Scholars Lecture presents Dr. Zoe Trodd – Harvard University Co-sponsored by the Departments of Biology, Social Sciences, History & Philosophy, the African-American Studies Center and York College Auxiliary Enterprises.

Sep1407:00 pm

An Evening With Edwidge Danticat

A conversation with the distinguished Haitian writer, Edwidge Danticat.

Feb1710:00 am

Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Africa

Dr. Balgis Osman-Elasha (Senior Researcher at the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources in Sudan)

Oct1906:00 pm

Elizabeth Nunez - Anna In-Between

Please join Dr. Nunez as she speaks about her latest work as part of the Provost Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series at York College.

May1412:00 pm

What to Eat

Personal Responsibility vs. Social Responsibility

Mar2712:00 am

Provost Distinguished Scholars Lecture: Boundaries

Dr. Elizabeth Nunez will read from her new novel, Boundaries as part of the Provost Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series.