Teaching@York Peek Week April 16-20, 2018

Information about and registration for the Teaching@York Peek Week 4/16/18-4/20/18.

What is it?

CTLET's Teaching@York Peek Week initiative gives faculty the opportunity to attend colleagues’ classes and to experience the joy of learning or to share the joy of teaching. Tuition-free!  

What to expect and how to participate

  1. Complete and submit the form below to let us know which class session(s) you want to open, indicating day, time (in the week of April  16-20), and other specifics. 
  2. A week before Peek Week, faculty will receive a list of open classes and will be able to “register.”  
  3. Faculty who opened their class and faculty who registered for classes will receive an email to be connected.
  4. One week after Peek Week participants will have the opportunity to share reflections and ideas about the experience with each other.

To register for a class, complete the form Register for classes in Teaching@York Peek Week.