Are online or hybrid courses right for you?

Find out if an online or hybrid course is right for you.

Online or hybrid courses provide great flexibility in terms of time and place of study for you as a student. However, it requires more discipline and time management on your part. So they may not be good for everyone. Ask yourself these self-assessment questions below to see if an online or hybrid course is right for you.

  1. I have or am willing to obtain a computer and broadband internet connection from home.
  2. I know how to use Blackboard or will be able to learn how to use it by following online tutorials or attending workshops.
  3. I am comfortable using technology and willing to learn more if the course requires.
  4. I am comfortable communicating my ideas with my course instructor and classmates in writing.
  5. I am comfortable reading the course instruction, course materials and text communication, and able to follow the instruction.
  6. I consider that sharing ideas and working with peers in my class online are good learning experience and will engage in them actively.
  7. I am self-motivated, self-disciplined and always get my assignments submitted on time.
  8. I believe in taking responsibility for my own learning.
  9. I am able to allocate the required hours each week to study.
  10. I will ask the instructor for help when I have trouble understanding course material or I am concerned about my course work.
  11. I understand that online or hybrid courses are academically as rigorous as traditional courses which require face-to-face class meetings every week.
  12. I believe that high quality teaching and learning can take place in online environment.

If your answers to the above questions are "yes", online or hybrid courses are right for you. If a few of your answers are "no", you need to think seriously about whether an online or hybrid course is right for you. If you do want to take it, you need to ask if you are willing to make effort to meet the requirements in order to be successful in an online or hybrid course. If most of your answers are "no", online or hybrid courses are not for you.