Turnitin FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about using Turnitin.

Very important:

  • You need to have a valid CUNY email in Blackboard in order to submit your paper to Turnitin. To find out if you have a CUNY email in Blackboard, check out this tutorial: Setting up your Blackboard.
  • Do not include special characters in the filename of your paper.  It can cause that your professor is not able to see your paper.

How do I submit my paper to Turnitin?

Note: if there is a rubric associated with this assignment, make sure you review it before you start to work on your paper.

  1. Go to your Turnitin assignment in your Blackboard course and click View/Complete. Note: it may take a few seconds to load the page.
  2. On the Submit Turnitin Assignment page, look at the bottom. If your professor uses Blackboard’s rubric tool, you will see a Rubric button on the left. Click on it to make sure that your paper follows the rubric.  When you are ready to submit your paper, click the Submit button.
    Once you click on the Turnitin assignment, you will see this where it includes assignment's name, description, rubric, due dates and submission
  3. On the next page that comes up, type in a submission title. Choose where you will find your paper by clicking Choose from this computer, Choose from Dropbox, or Choose from Google Drive button.
    Attaching documents into Turnitin
  4. Click Upload at the bottom left of the page.
  5. On the next page that comes up, review the information. Then scroll down and click Confirm. This step is very important. If you do not click the Confirm button, your paper will not be submitted successfully.                                                                                 Confirm the submission of the paper

You should receive an email notification with title “This is your Turnitin Digital Receipt”. It will be sent to your email address listed in Blackboard. To find out which email address is in your Blackboard account, check out this tutorial: Your Email address in Blackboard. If you do not receive an email, it means that you do not submit your paper successfully. Try to submit again.


How to view the Turnitin similarity report for my paper and the feedback from my professor?

  1. Go to your Turnitin assignment in your Blackboard course and click View/Complete.
  2. Click the View at the bottom right. If the View button is grayed out, it means your professor has not enabled the viewing for students yet.  Check with your professor as to when you will be able to view the report and feedback.
  3. The Feedback Studio screen is open. The number on the red vertical toolbar tells the matching percentage of your paper text with the internet resource, journal articles, etc. Click on the number enables you to see which text on the left panel matches with which resources on the right panel.
    Similarity report in Feedback Studio (Turnitin)
  4. Click the call-out icon on the blue toolbar which enables you to see your professor’s inline comments on the left panel. If there are any more comments, it will be located at the overall feedback on the right panel. On the left panel, click on the call-out icon or the frag rectangle with the blue background to see inline comments. On the right panel, if your professor uses Blackboard rubric tool, you can click View Rubric to see your scores based on the rubric. If your professor leaves a voice feedback, click the triangle play button to listen to the audio feedback.        Instructor's Feedback in Feedback Studio (Turnitin)

How to view Professor’s comments on Turnitin assignments from “My Grades”?

  1. On your Course Menu, click My Grades.
  2. Look for the Turnitin assignment title on My Grades page. In the following example, it is called “Essay on Global Warming”. You will find the title your professor gives. Click on it.Click on Turnitin Assignment title in My Grades
  3. On the “Review assignments: [title]” page, click the icon next to “My Paper.”Click on the icon next to My Paper
  4. The Feedback Studio page opens. On the top right, click the black frag icon to open the panel.Click on the black icon on the top right side in Feedback Studio
  5. Click the blue call-out icon to see your professor’s comments under “Text Comment.”Click on the blue callout icon to see professor's feedback

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