Using Blackboard in face-to-face teaching

How to use Blackboard in the face-to-face class

Every course, when created in CUNYfirst, receives a "shell" in Blackboard for you to set up and use. What is it good for?

  • Store course materials (your syllabus, learning activities, readings, media, links to websites, exams and tests, ...) and make them available to you and your students anywhere there is an internet connection;
  • Record grades, have Blackboard calculate them into totals, and make all available to your students so that at any point in the semester they can see "where they stand;"
  • Create (self-correcting) tests;
  • Make students participate in online discussions;
  • Communicate with your students via email or via the Skype-like Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool

Setting up your course in Bb can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. Do so in the company of colleagues on one of our Setting-It-Up-Together Days. Our Bb admin will be on standby to offer guidance or to troubleshoot if needed.

Click on the link to reserve a seat: Reserving a seat for Blackboard: Setting-It-Up-Together.

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