New Blackboard Features

Detailed information on new features after Blackboard 2017 year-end upgrade.
  1. On the "My Courses" panel you can group your courses by term and place the current semester on the top. 
    1. On "My Courses" panel, click the gear icon on the top right.

      List of my courses in Blackboard.

    2. Under Terms click "Group by Term". Then move the current semester to the top by positioning the cursor under the up-and-down arrows on the left next to the current semester and dragging it up.

       Group my courses in Blackboard by Term.

    3. Click Submit to go back to the Home page. Now you can easily see your courses in the current semester. You can collapse the courses in the past term by clicking the little triangle next to the term.

      My courses organized by terms in Blackboard.

  2. Wherever you see a dotted rectangle box as shown below, you can drag-and-drop files and folders that you want to post on your course to the box. If you drag-and-drop a file folder, all files in the folder will be posted. This feature works when you "Build Content" > Create Item, not when you Create File.

    Drag and Drop files

  3. After students successfully submit their assignments or SafeAssignments, they will receive a notification email with a submission confirmation ID, they will also see a notification with a submission confirmation number on the screen. See the message on the green bar in the following screenshot. 

    Bb assignment submission confirmation

  4. The Akademos bookstore module is available on the Blackboard Home tab for both faculty and student if they have courses using textbooks in Akademos.  Click "Take me to the online bookstore" button at the bottom of the panel to log in to the bookstore.

    Academos module in Blackboard

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