New Course Menu! HELP!

Answers to your questions about the new course menu.

Explanation of the new course menuWhere is the Announcements link?  

In the new default menu Announcements is now a module on the Dashboard page where students land when they enter the course.  On the dashboard, in one swoop, students can see, besides Announcements, newly posted items in your course in the What’s New module as well as, provided you set such, due dates for learning activities and assignments in the To Do module.

What's on the "Schedule & Syllabus" page?

On the Schedule & Syllabus page add a file to post a downloadable copy of your syllabus AND add an item to post (and edit, if needed) your schedule.  In this way students are always just one click away from knowing what’s going on, when, where in Blackboard or with what tool.  It’s one super useful page the dog can’t eat.

Where is the Assignments link?

We renamed it to Learning Activities. We recommend that you use the page to post instructions for learning activities that are not collected in Blackboard.  Instructions for learning activities for which students need to use a specific Blackboard tool can best be posted on that specific tool's page.  Students should always consult the schedule to see what tool is used for which assignment.  Delete or rename the Learning Activities link as appropriate to your course.

Where is the Tools link and why "Tools Used in This Course"?

Instead of making your students go through the 25 or so tools in the Tools collection to find the 2 or 3 you actually use in your course, provide a direct link to these 2 or 3 tools: that's what the menu section under "Tools Used in This Course" is all about.  It's just more student-user friendly.

The new Tools used in this Course section includes by default a link to the most used tool, the Discussion Board, and links to two of the most underused but super useful tools: Collaborate Ultra and Groups. Collaborate Ultra is a skype-like tool that can be used for online class meetings, for Office Hours, for oral exams, or for bringing in a guest lecturer.  The tool also has a Course Room, which is like a 24/7 virtual classroom where all members of the class, faculty as well as students, can join to communicate, collaborate, even commiserate, synchronously.  As for using the Groups tool, we have some great tutorials on how to use it for collaborative learning and creating group projects.  In the Spring, we will also offer a 50-minute session on designing group projects as part of our “Ignition & Tune-up” series.

If needed, add tool links by clicking the "+" sign on the top left of the menu then choose Tool Link.  To delete a tool link (because you do not use the tool in your course) click the action button on its right and select…  delete.  You may do so now for the NEW Menu! HELP! link. Smiley face

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