Bulk Download Turnitin Assignments

You can download the Turnitin assignments for all students at once in 3 types:

  • Original File: original files in original formats such as Word. This is useful if you want to grade them offline.
  • Original File as PDF: this is good for record keeping.
  • GradeMark Paper: graded papers with your comments. This is good for record keeping.

Follow the steps below to download Turnitin assignments:

  1. Go to your course and under the control panel click “Course Tools”.
  2. On the expanded “Course Tools” , scroll down and click “Turnitin Assignments”.
  3. On the Turnitin Assignments page, click on the assignment you want to download.
  4. On the “View Assignments” page, click the checkbox under the Submit button on the left to select all submitted papers.  Then click the Download button on the right to select the appropriate option(s).

    A screenshot on how to bulk download Turnitin assignments

  5. Follow the screen instructions to download and save the files to your computer.

CTLET York College CUNY Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0