Creating group discussion forums (2m24s)

Creating group discussion forums audio

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Creating group discussion forums

In the Course Management area, under Users and Groups, select “Groups,” then click on “Create” in the action bar.  We recommend you create groups in one swoop: go under “Group Set” and select your options. --BEEP-- Choose a name for the whole set of groups.  Blackboard will add a sequential number at the end of the group name to distinguish different groups. --BEEP-- Under Tool Availability, leave Discussion Board checked and uncheck all other tools. Under Discussion Board, we recommend that you choose “Do not allow student group members to create forums”. Leave as is the Module Personalization Setting and set up group Membership. --BEEP--  Hourah! Click on “Submit”.

To give these groups a different name, on the Groups page, in the Group Set column, click on the hidden action button on the right of any newly created set, then on “Edit Group Set Membership.”  On the page that opens you can now modify the groups’ names to your heart’s content.  –BEEP-- Don’t forget to click on “Submit”!

On the Groups page, under Name, click on a group link. On the group page, click on “Group Discussion Board” then click on the action button next to the forum name and select “Edit” to modify it.  We suggest you start the name with “Due” followed by the due date. --BEEP-- Now add an instruction/description and in the Forum Settings section, check the appropriate options. We recommend that you check the Grade Discussion radio button, and provide a due date.  Add a rubric for grading group discussion if you have one, and make sure to check “Show Rubric to Students”. When finished all settings for the forum, click “Submit” to save the changes.

You can create more group discussion forums by clicking Create Forum button on the top action bar. Repeat the same steps to modify and create discussion forums for the rest of the groups.

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