Making Discussion forum interactive course schedule (1m33s)

Making Discussion forum interactive course schedule audio

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Making a discussion forum available in your interactive Course Schedule page

Note that if you intent to copy this exact same learning activity in a different course (next semester?) you will need to repeat this step from within that different course.

Go to the Discussions page that lists the discussion forum you created. Go to the very top of your browser’s window—the top frame around your Blackboard page—double click on the URL and copy it. Next, go to your Course Schedule page by clicking on the link in the Course Menu. [BEEP] Click on the hidden action button on the right of the Schedule, then on "Edit." [BEEP] In the Content Information text box, find the unit this discussion activity belongs to and highlight/select it, then in the toolbar, click on the "Insert/Edit Link." The icon looks like a chain –it’s in or around the middle of the toolbar. [BEEP] In the window that opens, paste the copied URL in the Link Path box and fill in the  title. [BEEP] Click on "Insert" at the bottom. Back in the Edit Item page, you now just have to click on "Submit." Done… Voilà! your students will now only need to click on the link on the Course Schedule page to find the discussion they are so eager to participate in.