Collaborative Learning Activities

Please note: the Beep in the audios indicates that you can stop the audio to work on the instructed steps.

Collaborative Projects

Setting up tools for Collaboration (3m50s)

Making group project Available to students and making group project Count in Course Grade (3m45s)

Keeping an eye on the group project Progress (39s)

Grading the group project (2m31s)

Sharing the fruits of collaboration in the Wikis (1m31s)

Group Discussions

Creating group discussion forums (2m27s)

Making the group discussion count towards the Course Grade (1m32s)

Making the group discussions available in the Course Menu (1m17s)

Viewing and grading student's Group Discussions (1m45s)

Group Blogging

Creating a group blog, making the blog grades count in the Course Grade and making the group blogs available in the Course Menu (3m59s)

Viewing and Grading Student’s Group Blogs (1m15s)