4 Syllabus Quiz (1m18s)

Syllabus Quiz audio

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Creating a syllabus quiz

What better way to make your students pay attention to important points in your syllabus than to quiz them on it! In your home office, open the Course Tools tab, click on “Tests, Survey and Pools,” then on “Tests.” Under the blue CUNY banner, on the right, click on the question mark next to the “Edit Mode” switch to display the light grey bar with the More Help link. Next, click “Build Test” and name it the "Syllabus Quiz," for example. [BEEP] Click on "Submit."

Next, on the Test Canvas page, on the right side of the action bar, click on "Question Settings" to verify or modify the default settings. [BEEP] Click on "Submit" when finished, then proceed to create a question. The process is pretty straightforward, but if needed, click on “More Help” in the light grey header banner. [BEEP] To edit your test after you have submitted it, click on the hidden action button next to its name on the Tests page.