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Organizing your teaching drive and uploading your syllabus and other course materials

In your home office, the Course Management section of the navigation panel, click on “Content Collection,” then on the link with the 20 digits (ignore the other links). Use the 750MB space that opens: consider it your in-the-cloud, dedicated teaching hard drive. Here you can file and store course preparations, lesson plans, syllabi, PDFs, reading materials, rubrics, drafts for assignments and tests…all kinds of course materials in short, and not just for one course, but for all your courses! Also good to know about this space is that it stores your materials there for as long as you have an account in Blackboard. At the very least it offers a safe back-up for your files! Wow! Ok, there is also this to keep in mind: do not use this space to store videos!  To use videos in your course, we offer a video streaming service NJVID. See a separate tutorial on how to stream videos in your course.

Since your 20-digit content space can house all course materials for all your courses, you’ll do well to organize it before uploading.  We recommend that you create top folders for each of your courses and that you name them recognizably. To start, on the right in the Course banner under the blue CUNY banner, make sure to click the question mark to display the grey banner with the More Help link. [BEEP] Ready? In the action bar, click on the Create Folder tab, give your folder a recognizable name and click on "Submit." [BEEP] Repeat to create however many folders you need. To create sub folders, click on a course folder or open it with the hidden action button to its right, then repeat the create folder process. [BEEP] To return to the top level, click on the open file-with-the-green-arrow icon under the Upload tap. [BEEP] Lastly, in the right corner of the action bar, choose how you want your new folders to be displayed.[BEEP]

Now, if you have not done so already, make sure to have all your teaching materials at the ready to upload them, either as a zip package or one by one as single files. Note that the “multiple files” upload does not work. [BEEP] Let’s start! Go to a folder you created, then in the action bar click on the Upload tab then choose “Files” or “Zip Package.”  Make sure to check the checkbox under the browse button, but leave blank the check-boxes in the Options section.  When done, click on "Submit." Note, when choosing to upload files, make sure that the Single File tab in the right corner of the action bar is toggled on. [BEEP]