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Finding your home office

On Blackboard’s home page, in the My Courses module, click on a course in which you are the instructor. Note that your course will be marked as “(not currently available).” You’ll learn how to make it available once you have set up your course.

Clicking on your course lands you on your course’s default Home page. It’s a module page that looks a lot like the Blackboard Home page, except that it has a navigation panel on the left. To do some preparatory work for your course, we’ll retreat first to what we’ll call your Office Space: it is the section in the navigation panel under the Course Management heading. Locate it there now. [BEEP] You will return to your home office many times during the semester; but before the semester starts you’ll need to do this:

  1. Making your syllabus and course materials ADA compliant.  [ADA stands for the American with Disabilities Act]
  2. Organize your teaching drive and upload your syllabus and possibly other course materials
  3. Create a syllabus quiz
  4. Set up the Grade Center