Technology Equipped Classrooms

Information about technology equipped classrooms.

Technology Equipped Classrooms are equipped with the state-of-art computer, interactive panel, large screen or interactive whiteboard (also called smartboard), and audiovisual equipment. It provides the tools for faculty to incorporate a wide range of media in instruction, save the annotation of the course content presentation, and to enrich student learning experience.

Equipment List:

  • Dell PC Computer.
  • Lectern (If lectern is lock your local office should have key if not contact Media Center)
  • Interactive display panel and pen. (Not all rooms)
  • Projection screen (for larger rooms) or interactive whiteboard (for smaller rooms).
  • CD and DVD player.
  • Document camera (a few rooms have it, contact Media Center if needed)
  • Interface to hook up a laptop that faculty brings.
  • USB ports.
  • Ceiling Speakers.
  • LCD ceiling mounted projector. (Rear projection in some Lecture Halls)
  • Instructions in every room on how to properly power up and power down equipment
  • Hot Line support number at Ext. 5303 and web hotlink at


Smart classrooms have an interactive display panel on a podium. Some smaller smart classrooms are equipped with a smartboard while larger rooms have a large projection screen.

AC 1B04

AC 1C06 
AC 1C07

AC 1D06

AC 1D09

AC 1E03
AC 1E08
AC 1E09 
AC 1E10
AC 1E11
AC 1E20

AC 2A04 
AC 2A05 
AC 2B01
AC 2B04 
AC 2C04
AC 2C05
AC 2E03a
AC 2E03b

AC 2E05

AC 2E09

AC 3A04 
AC 3A05
AC 3B01 
AC 3B02
AC 3B04 
AC 3C04 
AC 3C05
AC 3D03

AC 3E11

AC 3E09b
AC 3E07 
AC 3H14  
AC 3H15

AC 4D01 
AC 4D02 
AC 4E07

HP 108

HP 106
SC 103
SC 131
SC 133


All technology equipped classrooms are locked when there is no class in the room. If you are assigned to teach in a technology equipped classroom, you can with the campus Public Safety Office at AC 1M02 to insure your school ID has the appropiate access to the room. Most technology equipped classrooms now have electronic door locks that use your York issued ID to open. Check with your department chair on the procedure for insuring your access to these technology equipped classrooms.

All technology equipped classrooms have detailed instructions on how to properly power on and power off the equipment. In order to maintain the proper functioning of the technology equipped classrooms technology it is critical that these instructions be followed. In the event of difficulties IT has established a Hotline. Call 718-262-5303 for support with the technology equipped classrooms. Calls to this number will be given priority over other incoming calls to our Service Desk in an effort to provide the quickest possible response. You can also request support via the Technology Support Services web form

When contacting IT provide your name and room number, a technician will be dispatched immediately for intial trouble-shooting.


The Educational Technology Center provides workshops for beginners and advanced users, and we require all faculty members who will use a smart classroom to participate in our training workshops.

Please contact Wenying Huang-Stolte (email to schedule a training session.