Smart Classroom & Lecture Hall

The Center is committed to providing the latest in technology to support teaching and learning at York College on a continuing basis. In recent network infrastructure upgrades, all classrooms and lecture halls have been equipped with "smart" technology, i.e., each room has Internet connectivity and the ability to provide LCD projection for instructional purposes. These classrooms create new and innovative opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating computer, multimedia and network technology.

Technology Equipped Classrooms

The following table lists the lecture halls and classrooms equipped with LCD projectors. Users must check out a remote control in room AC-4G02.

Classroom (C) or
Lecture Hall (L)
LCD Rear Projection LCD Ceiling Mounted Projection
AC-1C04 (C)   X
AC-1E05 (C)   X
AC-1M06 (L) X  
AC-1M07 (L) X  
AC-2C02 (C)   X
AC-2M04 (L) X  
AC-2M05 (L) X  
AC-3C05 (C)   X
AC-3D01 (L) X  
AC-4D01 (C)   X
AC-4M05 (L) X  
AC-4M06 (L) X  
SC-113 (C)   X


To make a reservation of equipment, submit a Media Service Requisition form to Room AC-4G04 at least two working days prior to the date of use. Pick-up, operation and return are the responsibility of the user. For technical assistance, contact Mr. Trong Nguyen at ext. 2757, room AC-4G02.

Location:  AC-4G04
Hours:       Mon. - Thu. 8AM - 6PM
                 Fri. 8AM - 5PM
                 Sat. 8AM - 4PM
Manager:  Trong Nguyen, 8AM - 4PM
                 Susan Voll, 4PM - 6PM
Contact:    718-262-2757