Equipment Reservation Policies and Procedures for Faculty

The York College Academic Computing/Educational Technology (ACET) Media Resources Center is located in room 4G02 of the Academic Core Building; the phone number is 718-262-2757.

The Media Resources Center provides equipment loan services to York College. Circulating equipment includes LCD projectors, laptop computers, VHS, DVD and CD players as well as digital still and video cameras and LCD monitors. PA systems and microphones are also available.

Although there is no charge for the use of any college owned equipment, borrowers are expected to treat any equipment entrusted to them with respect and care. Equipment loans are a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny access to the equipment to those who habitually abuse our policies.

All Borrowers using the facility are requested to follow Media Resources Center policies and procedures.

I. Loan of Equipment:

  • A valid York College ID is required to sign out equipment. If another party is picking up equipment for you, ACET should be notified in advance. The party picking up for a Borrower is required to present the Borrower's I.D. as well as his/her own I.D. at the time of checkout. No equipment will be given to anyone without a valid York College I.D.
  • Equipment will only be checked in and out at the ACET Media Resources Center when staff is present. Everyone should wait until returning equipment has been examined by the ACET staff.
  • The Borrower is responsible for all equipment checked out to him/her. All such equipment shall be returned to the in the same proper working condition as it was issued. This includes such things as rewinding cords, removing tapes and re-connecting anything disconnected.
  • It is the responsibility of the Borrower to accept only equipment in proper working condition from the Media Resources Center. The Borrower should check the parts and contents of the package against the receipt.
  • Should equipment become faulty for any reason while in the Borrower's possession, absolutely no attempt should be made by the Borrower (or anyone else) to repair it. If faulty, return the equipment immediately to the Media Resources Center.
  • Under no circumstances should equipment in the Borrower's possession be loaned to any other person. All equipment transfers have to be handled through the Media Resources Center, even to the next user in line.
  • Equipment has to be returned to the Media Resources Center on time. Reserved equipment should also be picked up on time or your reservation may go to someone else. Reservations not picked up for one hour after the scheduled time will cancel out automatically in our WebCheckout reservation system. It is the Borrower's responsibility to be aware of the Media Resources Center's schedule. You may check equipment in earlier than the return time and you may pick up reserved equipment earlier than the reserved time if the equipment is available.
  • Equipment sign-out privileges may be revoked at any time due to careless handling of equipment, repeated lateness, or abuse of Media Resources Center policy.

II. Terms of Equipment Loan:

  • Extended loans of any equipment will be allowed only with special permission from the Media Resources Manager. Reservations for extended periods or holidays will be considered on a proposal basis.
  • Requests for renewal of equipment on extended loan should be directed to the Media Resources Manager at Ext. 2753.

III. Reservation of Equipment:

  • Instructors wishing to reserve equipment can fill out a "Media Service Requisition" form in the Media Resource Center (Room AC-4G02) during office hours. Telephone or e-mail requests are not accepted. Equipment reservations can be made at any time during Media Resources Center hours. Pre-approved/long term projects may be given special consideration by the Media Resources Manager.
  • Requisitions must be received at least 48 hours (2 working-days) prior to the anticipated date of use. Special equipment such a sound mixer/amplifier may require greater lead time. Faculty and staff requiring such equipment should come to Room AC-4G02 to familiarize themselves with the equipment in advance of the anticipated date of use.
  • Fifteen minutes before closing, all reservations not yet claimed are void. This is to give the ACET staff time to complete equipment returns prior to closing and setting up for the next day.
  • All pick ups must be completed 15 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Specific future checkout times during the semester can be arranged by giving adequate advance notice to the ACET staff.
  • Academic utilization of equipment has priority over non-instructional use.
  • "    All users are responsible for the pick-up, use, and return of all borrowed equipment and materials. ACET does not provide technicians to operate equipment.
  • Evening and weekend faculty are expected to make individual arrangements for pick-up and return.
  • ACET offers instruction in the proper operation of equipment to users upon request.
  • Some special equipment may require the user to attend a brief hands-on session to learn about the correct operational use before the equipment may be borrowed.
  • All equipment must be picked-up from and returned to the Room (Room AC-4G02). Hours are:

8:15AM to 5:45PM Monday - Thursday
8:15AM - 4:45PM - Friday
8:15AM - 1:00PM - Saturdays
Summer hours will vary.

For further information call ext: 2757.

IV. Lost or Damaged Equipment:

  • The Borrower is responsible for returning all equipment in the same condition as it was received.
  • The Borrower is required to report any loss to the Security Office (Room AC-1M02) and submit a copy of the report to the Director of the Center for Academic Computing and Educational Technology (ACET) in Room AC-4G02.