Student Blackboard FAQ

Frequent asked questions about Blackboard from students

bb_test_icon.pngTaking tests on Blackboard

Which web browser should I use to take tests?

Any time you're using Blackboard, Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser. Other browsers may work as well, but Firefox is the optimal choice.

Can I take a Bb test on my phone?

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT use your mobile device for Bb tests, as errors can occur that may affect your results. Please take tests on a desktop or laptop computer, using a current version of Mozilla Firefox.

Why can't I go backwards in this Bb test to check my answers?

When the instructor creates the test, they can choose to allow you to go back and check previous answers, or not. If you cannot go back to check previous answers on your test, you can contact your instructor and ask them about it.

I answered this question correctly but the test says it's wrong, what do I do?

The correct answer is set by your instructor when they create the test. If you feel that there is an error in the question or answer, write down the details and contact your instructor directly.

How much time do I have to take a Blackboard test?

Some tests are untimed, meaning you have as long as you want. Other tests have a time limit set by the instructor. If there is a time limit, you will see it on the instructions page before you begin the test. There will also be a countdown timer that appears on the test page itself, showing how much time you have left.

What do I do if my computer crashes while I'm taking the test?

When you begin the test, check to see the "Force Completion" setting. If force completion is turned off, then you can re-enter the test if your browser or computer crashes during the test. PLEASE NOTE: the test timer continues counting down even if your browser window is closed. If you do experience a crash, please immediately re-start the test so that you will have sufficient time to complete the test within the time limit.



bb_safeassing_icon.pngQuestions about SafeAssign

Why can't I submit my paper to SafeAssign?

If you see an error message when you're trying to submit your paper, there are a few things you can do. 1) Make sure that your browser is set to accept third party cookies. 2) Clear the cache of your web browser and try re-submitting. 3) If you're submitting a .doc or .docx file, please try saving the file as a .rtf file and re-submitting.

How will SafeAssign check my paper?

SafeAssign will check your paper against several academic databases, as well as internet and internal sources. For more details, you can see this help article.

Can I see the SafeAssign report for my own paper?

When your instructor sets up the SafeAssign assignment, they have the option to make the report viewable to students. If they allow it then yes, after you submit your assignment, you can click on View/Submit, and you'll be able to click on the "SA Report" link to view the report. (You may need to wait 10 minutes or longer after submitting before the report is available, depending on how long it takes the SafeAssign database to process the submission.)

What file format can I submit to SafeAssign in?

SafeAssign supports the following formats: .zip, .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, .pdf, .rtf and .html. Please note that if SafeAssign is not accepting your paper in .doc or .docx format, please try saving it as an .rft file and submitting it in that format, as this often resolves these errors.



bb_collaborate_icon.pngBlackboard Collaborate questions

What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is a built-in tool in Blackboard that allows for interactive webinars. Do get a better idea, watch this short introductory video.

How can I tell if Collaborate will work on my computer?

You will need a current web browser and an updated version of Java installed in order to access Collaborate. Before you try to open Collaborate, visit this link to see if your computer meets the requirements.

Can I log into Collaborate on my phone or tablet?

You can install the Collaborate app, and then access the Collaborate session through your mobile browser. This will give you access to the Collaborate session, but some of the features will not work over mobile. Some students have had success in accessing sessions on their phones, but we cannot offer technical support for this option, and we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer instead.

What if Collaborate isn't working?

If you're having trouble or seeing error messages, you can contact Bb Collaborate 24/7 Support for help.