Blackboard Student Support

On this page, you'll find information for students who use Blackboard at York College.

If you're a student who's new to using Blackboard, come to one of our workshops, which we hold at the beginning of each semester: Student Workshop Schedule

You can also check out these tutorials to help you get started:

A whole lot more student tutorials from Blackboard here

Turnitin Assignments

Turnitin is a technology platform that checks submitted papers against the following sources to find and highligh the matching text. It also includes a suite of tools that instructors can use to provide feedback in text and/or audio format. 

  • Student paper archives: all papers submitted to Turnitin by students from York, CUNY and outside CUNY.
  • Internet: web pages
  • Library databases and content subscriptions: millions online and offline subscription databases and research titles.

Below are tutorials on how to use Turnitin:

 If you need help with Blackboard, contact the York help desk or email