What if I don't want to see a course link in "My Courses" panel?

Steps to not list a course in "My Courses" panel in Blackboard Home tab.
Courses will stay on Blackboard site one year after they have been completed. If you do not want to see these course links on your "My Courses" panel, you can make them disappear by following the steps below. If you want to access them in the future, you can make them appear again.
  1. After logging into Blackboard, on the Home tab, click the pencil sign on "My Courses" panel. Bb_MyCourses_Pencil_Sign


  2. Uncheck the checkboxes in the "Display course name" columns to the courses that you do not want to see in "My Courses" panel.Bb_uncheck_courseLink


  3. Click "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. The course links now are no longer displayed in "My Courses" panel.