What's new and improved in Blackboard 9?

On this page you can find improved and new features of Blackboard 9.

Improved features:

  • Group tool allows students to create groups and enroll themselves to groups. Instructors can create multiple groups at once. 
  • Discussion Board forum creation text box allows File attachment.
  • Test/Quiz tool can disallow students to continue the test/quiz when time is over if the instructor choose to do so.
  • Grade Center has "Needs Grading" view where only these grade items and students will be lists. It also enables the instructor to grade anonymously. 
  • The Text Box for announcements and content items, the Text Box for posting threads and responses in Discussion Board have a mashup tool with which users can embed Flickr photos, YouTube videos, paste from Word, and SlideShare presentation easily.
  • The Assignments tool has an option to allow multiple submissions of an assignment. Instructors can set up an assignment for all class members or a specific group of students.
  • Instructors can switch the order of items in a content folder by drag-and-drop.
  • SoftChalk package can be uploaded and the students' scores for quizzes in SoftChalk lessons can be recorded in the Grade Center.

New features and tools:

  • Blackboard Collaborate is integrated in each course site. It enables instructors to conduct webinar sessions, office hours online, and do many more. (What is Blackboard Collaborate?)
  • Instructors can drag files from local computers to Blackboard File folder.
  • Instructors can add Blank Page on any content areas.
  • Grading Rubrics can be created and associated with assignments and grade center columns. Instructors can give score to each criterion and Blackboard will calculate the total score for the assignment. 
  • Course menus have contextual action button where instructors can perform many tasks.