What does faculty need to know when using Blackboard

These are the things faculty needs to know when using Blackboard.
    1. Register for a CUNY Portal account at:  http://cunyportal.cuny.edu/citizen_CUNY/new_user_registration/regchoice.html follow the screen instructions to complete the registration.

      CUNY Portal is a gateway to access University-wide electronic resources. Blackboard is one of them. In order to use Blackboard for your course, you need first to register for a CUNY Portal account. 

      If you are newly hired, make sure that your paper work has been processed and the HR has input your information into the CUNY employee database CUNYFirst. Otherwise, you cannot create a portal account. You can check with your department to see if your paper work has been processed.

    2. What to do if you do not see your course in Blackboard after you log in?Blackboard course sites and enrollment are created based on the record in CUNYfirst. If you do not see your course in Blackboard, check the online class schedule in CUNYfirst. If the instructor name for your course is listed as "Staff" or blank on the schedule, it indicates that your course assignment is not input into the CUNYfirst. Please ask your department to inform the Registrar's Office about your course assignment. Once it is in CUNYfirst, you will have access to your Blackboard course site the next day. If your course assignment is already in CUNYfirst for more than one day and you still do not see it in Blackboard, contact the help desk at ext. 5300 or email to helpdesk@york.cuny.edu
    3. Make the course available to your students

      When course shells are created, they are unavailable to students by default. If you want to use Blackboard for your class, you need to make it available so that your students can access it. To make a course available, go into the course site, and then go to the Course Management --> Control Panel in the lower left part of the page. Click Customization, then click Properties. On the Properties page select “Yes” radio button under "Set Availability" and click Submit button. 

    4. Email addresses in Blackboard

      If you want to use Blackboard Announcements or Send Email tool to communicate with your students, make sure that you have a valid email in Blackboard. To check or update your email in Blackboard, click "Update Email" link in the Tools panel of the Home tab.

      Students' email addresses in Blackboard are their York email addresses. If they are bounced back when you send an email using Blackboard Email tool, it indicates either students have not activated their York email accounts or they have not used them for an extended period of time. For the former they need to activate their accounts. For the latter they need to re-activate their accounts. For more information on student email, go to:  http://www.york.cuny.edu/it/webteam/live

    5. Study the Tutorials on how to use various tools/features of Blackboard

      Blackboard Tutorials

    6. Schedule a Blackboard workshop if you want to learn more

      Blackboard Workshops

    7. Contact the help desk if you encounter problems with your Blackboard course

      Help Desk: helpdesk@york.cuny.edu or call 718.262.5300.