Notes on SafeAssign

Some information about SafeAssign

SafeAssign is a tool that encourages students to create original writings and use citation when introducing work from others in their writing. A submitted paper is checked against the following databases and web resources.

  • The internet
  • ProQuest ABI/Inform database with over 1,100 publication titles and about 2.6 million articles from 1990s to present, updated weekly.
  • Institutional document archives with papers submitted by students in your institution. For us the institution is CUNY.
  • Global reference database with papers voluntarily submitted by students from Blackboard client institutions.

In the CUNY Blackboard environment all submitted papers from our students are not sent to the Global reference database automatically. Students have the option to choose submitting their papers to the Global database or not. Before they submit their paper, there is a checkbox for submitting the paper to the global database with a short message informing students the action. If students check that checkbox, their papers will be submitted to the global database.

Whether student papers will be submitted to the institutional database depends on the course instructor. When an instructor creates a SafeAssignment, if "Draft" is selected, student papers will be checked against all above mentioned resources and databases but will not be submitted to the institutional database. If "Draft" is not selected, student papers will be submitted to the institutional database after being checked against the databases and web resources.