How is your course site created on Blackboard

The course shells on Blackboard for the current semester are created automatically based on the record in SIMS. The instructor assignments and the student enrollment are updated every night also based on the record in SIMS.

When you log on to Blackboard, you will see a link to your course site.

However, if you do not see your course link, it indicates that you have not been assigned to the course in the SIMS. To have your name added to the course, your department chair or program coordinator must contact the Registrar's office. You will be able to access your course on Blackboard one (1) day after the Registrar's office updates the information in SIMS.

If you see a link to a course that is not assigned to you or you see somebody else as an instructor in the course you are supposed to teach, it indicates that they are the original assignments. In these cases, your department chair or discipline coordinator has to inform the Registrar's office to correct them in SIMS.