New Features and Changes in Blackboard 8

This is a brief list of new tools, improved features, and disabled tools in Blackboard 8 compared with Blackboard 6.3. Come to a Blackboard workshop to learn more details.

New Tools:

SafeAssign - SafeAssign is a tool used to encourage original writing and proper citation practices within a course. 

Self and Peer Assessments - The Self and Peer Assessment tool enables students to review and evaluate work submitted by themselves or their peers. Using criteria specified by the instructor and optional sample responses, students can assign points and provide feedback on submitted assignments.

Scholar - Blackboard Scholar is an educational social bookmarking service that enables faculty and students to store, share and discover valuable resources for the course and research on the web.

Early Warning System - the Early Warning System enables faculty to set up criteria based on which the Blackboard system sends email messages to students who do not meet the criteria.

Improved features:

Discussion Board - The discussion Board in Blackboard 8 enables course instructors to set the available period of a Forum and grade students' participation in the discussion. It also allows the subscription to a forum or a discussion thread. In addition, course instructors can enable tagging a thread and rating a thread by students. There are added alternate ways to view posts.

Grade Center - The Grade Center in Blackboard 8 has major changes. The grade can be added directly into the grade book cell. Course instructors can set up "Smart View" that select a portion of the grade book to display. More sophisticated calculations such as to drop the lowest grade among four quizzes can be completed.

Disabled Tools:

Digital Drop Box - The Digital Drop Box will no longer available in Blackboard 8. The assignment tool can be used to collect, grade, and manage the assignments.

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