Course Fees FAQ 's

Starting Fall 2012, some courses will be charging fees to cover materials, services or transportation related to the courses. Following the model already used by other CUNY colleges, York recently implemented these course fees to defray costs previously covered by the College. See a list of courses with fees in question #1.

Questions & Answers

1. How much are the course fees?

It varies by course. List of course fees.

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2. Where do I get the materials/services that I need to purchase for the class?

The materials/services will be provided by the professor in the class.

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3. How will a course that has a fee attached be identified in the bulletin?

Courses with a fee attached will be identified with a "$". There will be a foot note at the bottom of the page directing you to the table for specifics.

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4. How will the course fees appear on my bill?

The course fees will be listed under “special fees” on the bill. On the printed bill, special fees appear next to each individual course under the column heading “SPECIAL FEE.” On both the printed bill and the eSIMS semester bill page, a total dollar amount for special fees appears next to the heading “SPEC./APPL.FEE” located above “TOTAL CHARGES.”

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5. Where do I pay the course fees?

You can pay the course fees at the Bursar’s office or through eSIMS.

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6. Where does a student coming to York on permit pay the course fees?

A student coming to York on permit must either pay the course fees on eSIMS or at York's Bursar's Office service window located in Room AC-1H01.back to top

7. How do I pay the course fees? (Cash, check, money order, credit card, etc.)

  • Bursar’s office accepts cash, check, and money order.
  • eSIMS accepts check and all major credit cards, except VISA.

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8. Are there course fees payment options?

No. There are no payment options for course fees.

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9. Does financial aid cover course fees?

It depends on the type of financial aid. PELL, SEOG and loans cover the course fees. TAP and APTS don’t cover the course fees.

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10. What happens if I pay the course fees late?

The fees have to be paid at the time of tuition payment.

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11. Are course fees refundable?

The course fees are refundable if you drop the course by the third week of registration (last day to drop courses for 25% tuition refund). After that, the fees become non-refundable.

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12. If I don’t use all of my materials, can I return them for a refund?


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13. Do the fees depend upon my major?

No. The fees are dependent upon the courses.

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14. If a student repeats a course, is the student required to pay the course fees?

Every time a student registers for a course listed with course fees, the student will be required to pay the fees.

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15. What if I still have questions?

Depending on the type of questions you have, here are some offices you can contact for further information:

  • For billing questions, contact the Bursar’s office.
  • To find out how financial aid can help pay for the course fees, contact Financial aid office.
  • For course registration questions, contact the Registrar’s office.
  • For questions about how the fees are used, contact individual department offering the course.

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