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August 2016: NPR Affiliate WYPR Radio Report on the Battle of Brooklyn Looking at New Yorkers' Awareness of the battle and Maryland's Role in it

General George Washington fought his first and biggest battle of the Revolutionary War in Brooklyn and many don't know much about it. It was a critical moment for the new American army, only a little more than two months after the Declaration of Independence. Washington's decision not to fight to the last man saved his army and in the long haul made overall victory against the British possible. A unit from Maryland played a central role in the fight, another largely forgotten part of the story.

"The Battle of Brooklyn Through the Eyes of New Yorkers." Narr. Tom Moore. WYPR-88.1 FM. 27 August 2016

Listen here:

In this carefully researched and reported long-form radio news story, Tom Moore talks with New Yorkers about the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776, arguably the most critical battle of the Revolutionary War. This in-depth piece was carried on the Baltimore NPR affiliate WYPR and broadcast all over the state, as well as carried on the web, along with an accompanying article.