Test System Outage

Sample Message (System Inventory)


System Inventory will be able to gather basic information about your computer, printer and any other Ethernet connected device.

Why is this important?

It will allow IT to better understand your current system and determine the age of our inventory, and plan for future system deployments.

When is it going to happened?:

The first scan cycle will start on July 12, 2012 until Friday 13, 2012. During Office hours.

What do need to do?

In order for the system to effectively scan you system, you need to leave your computer on.

Make sure you have logged off from your account.

If you have any questions please contact our Service Desk at Ext. 5311

More About this notice

Call out service Desk at ext 5311. The Service Delivery Unit at York College is your main contact point for all IT and Non-IT requests. We are committed to maintaining outstanding levels of excellence in servicing all your request.

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