Panels for Research Day

Below is the list of panels that will be part of Student Research Day.


2C07 Conference Room

2B07 Conference Room

2A15 Conference Room

African-American Resource Center Room 3B04

Room 2A04


Science Panel:

Moderator: Prof. Rebecca Rivera-Maestre

Students: Swatanter Polce, Patrick Menzies, Glorimar Cepada, Adesanya Akinleye, Emmanuel Ourum

"Ever Upward and Onward": The Science of Healing, Growing, and Communication

Business Panel I:

Moderator: Prof. Oladipo Oladije

Students: Muhtar Solola, Sunday Adeboye, Leoncio Perez

The Look of Money: Modern Trends in Business and Design

English Panel I:

Moderator: Prof. Phebe Kirkham

Students: Olatinuke Bello, Timoy Lumley, Anthony Ruiz

"A Woman's Eye": Women and Detective Fiction

Politics Panel:

Moderator: Prof. Micheal Sharpe

Students: Paul Adetola, Christina Maharaj, Vierka Vasquez, Chayenne Aguayo, Antonnete Smile, Symantha Rhodes, Ana Martinez

Which Side are You On?: The Battle Over Rights and Politics


Tensor Panel:
Prof. Lidia Gonzalez & Prof. Shweta Jain

Invited Speaker: Dr. Li Ping, John Jay

"Security Monitoring for Wireless Forensics"

Foreign Languages Panel:

Moderator: Prof. Hamid Bahri

Students: Micheal Timmons, Muhaned Mohamed, Shirley Jackson, Robert Johnson, Jonelle Brown, Rafael Salas, Symantha Rhodes, Valerie Littleton, Shaffon McDaniel.

All God's Children Got Travellin' Shoes: Language, Culture, and History

English Panel II:

Moderator: Prof. Shereen Inayatulla


Ekaete Ekpenyong, Farhana Abdulhusein, Alana Duguid, Judith Davenport

Shadowed Pictures: The Language of Memory and Experience

Ethnomusicology Panel:

Moderator: Prof. Tom Zlabinger

Students: Clay Stephon, Dehnia Duplan, Bayo Fayemi, Dominique Jones, Steven Morris, Melanie Pierre, Ayush Prasad, Chandra Roopnarine, Scott Sethna, Felesha Singh, Kunal Singh, Kristen Smith

The "Life" of Music: Ethnomusicological Currents

*2:15 to 3:00 PM

Journalism Panel:

Moderator: Prof. Tom Moore

Students: Fahima Chowdhury, Justin Diaz, Raymond Mora, Katherine Ortiz, Ciji Thomas

Writing Radio News in Germany and Jamaica, Queens: York College's Bavarian Connection


Video Games Panel:

Moderators: Prof. Tom Zlabinger, Prof. Sarah Kate Gillespie

Students: Kenisha Harty, Justin Hemingway, Alfred Parsard, Dwayne Pierre, Andres Ramirez, Bawb Rodney, Bayo Fayemi, Kimmy Sarmiento, Jon Serneo, Ryan Sukhdeo

Art & Amp: The Sound of Video Games

Business Panel II:

Moderator: Prof. Chun Pin Hsu

Students: Karen Bessy, Faisal Shahim, Mohammed Khattak

Fly Me to the Moon: Aviation and Advertising in the Business World

Psychology Panel

Moderator: Prof. Vadim Moldovan

Students: KrystalBella Murname-Victorelli, Irene Hanna, LaChanda Moor

Multiple Psycho-Social Research Measures of Alienation: Student Research in Social Work

English III Panel:

Moderator: Prof. Mychel Namphy

Students: Feyad Mohammed, Kashfi Fahim, Joshua Carrington, Irshaad Ishmail

Assimilation, Integration, and Selling Out: What's Literature Got To Do With It?