Chancellor Goldstein's Announcement

Message to the College Community From President Keizs

Dear York College Family,

I believe that by now most of you have heard the news that our Chancellor, Dr. Matthew Goldstein, has announced that he will be stepping down from his post later this year.

Chancellor Goldstein's inspired and tenacious leadership over the past 14 years helped the university to aspire to realms formerly not imagined. I personally thank him for the support he has provided to York and especially over the past eight years as we developed new academic programs and replenished our faculty roster.

Chancellor Goldstein's dogged determination to reestablish CUNY as a world class university system has succeeded with the establishment of the Macaulay Honors College, a new community college for the first time in 40 years; raised academic standards, and numerous other successful initiatives. CUNY, under Chancellor Goldstein, has become the rising tide lifting all boats including York College.

And so as he prepares to step down early this summer, please join me in thanking him and wishing him the very best!