When School Is Not Enough is the result of a three-year study on the developmental opportunities afforded by after-school programs. The film focuses on how youth leaders create the environment within which playful but serious work gets done. It cuts across program activities, e.g., arts, sports, literacy, youth media and across age groups because it seeks to highlight a common approach to youth development.

The film asks the question – Why are some young people more interested in learning in youth programs than in school? And provides three answers. In the programs studied, youth were interested in learning and developing because: 1) the nature of the relationships were personal; 2) the activities were hands-on, and 3) projects ended in culminating events where children’s work was proudly displayed.

Video was the tool for understanding the importance of youth programs in urban communities. Video brings that importance to the public eye as we gain visual entry into the programs that shape the lives of youth during out of school time. 


Produced and Directed
Dana Fusco

Michael Smith

Dana Fusco

Alien Planet

Camera and Sound
Kellon Innocent
Christine Mendoza

Post Production Services
York College, Academic Computing 
and Educational Technology

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Educational Video Center
Jeremy Engles
Steve Goodman
MJ Smith
Carol Olate

Harlem RBI
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Rachel Cytron
Coach Mike

The Eagles
Brandon and his parents
Damel and his mom

Jamaica Center 
for Arts and Learning

Ms. I
Ms. E
Tennyson Smith
Shirley Taylor
Sherry and her mom
Tasia and her mom
Christian and his parents

Roy Wilkins Family Center
Sun Bayo
Ms. Lily Moody
York College students 
from Summer 2002 class 
at Roy Wilkins

Kellon Innocent
Christine Mendoza
Michael Smith 
(I couldn’t have done this without you)

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