About Eric Tyrer

I am a Senior Information Systems Associate (Level 2) Classified Civil Service. I work at York College, a Senior College of the City University of New York. My functional title is Associate Director, Web Systems - reporting to the Director of our group and CIO. While that all sounds fancy and highbrow, I'd rather think of myself as a digital janitor.

Who I Am


I'm not your traditional web-designer/developer. I consider myself more of an integrator -- bringing technology, ideas, and systems together to fit the needs, functunalities, and budget of  individuals and organizations.

I find that being an integrator is a bit more rewarding than programming, mainly because my programming skills are fairly tame. However since Plone and Zope are python along with a smattering of javasript, I've been learning some new techniques.

I'd say I'm fairly active** at York in a number of capacities. I've served various committees such as the Green, Dean's List, and Commencement. I was honored to participate in our Middle State's Periodic Review (5yr) process. I've served as a chief judge JSHS, created a photo exhibit on Guy R. Brewer, York College and teach in ACE and upper division CT classes.


I hold a Master's of Urban Planning from NYU Wagner, a BA from SUNY Albany in History/Political Science, and A.A.S. Liberal Arts and Social Sciences from Suffolk Community College - Ammerman. I'm a fairly competent Unix/Linux administrator running 12 systems on RHEL 6, 7 and now Ubuntu that run our CMS system Plone. I also have a certificate in Commercial Art and was once an Platemakers' Apprentice for 2 years before being a Typesetter and Darkroom manager, sadly dead technologies.

Extra Stuff

Professionally, outside of my day job, I am webmaster of Committee AR010 - Intercity Passenger Rail - Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies, and its former secretary. Thanks to the generosity (and help of a colleague) that site is hosted at York.

What I Do

My primary function is to assist, train, and educate faculty, students, and staff on how to use the York College Content Management System and Web Portal (based on the Plone CMS software). I am very proud that our team is helpful and has had a positive impact on the new direction York is taking.

Some Other Things I've Done - In Brief

In addition to my technology duties, I also manage special projects when assigned by either the CIO, Dean of Academics, or the VP of Administrative Affairs.

  • I've assisted the Office of Institutional Advancement & Alumni Relations, Recruitment & Retention, and most recently our Green Awareness team (YGREEN).
  • I was the second Program Manager for the CUNY Aviation Institute at York College. In that capacity I was responsible for managing our first Institute Conference and Seminars and establishing a relationship with the Air Cargo Association to finance the first scholarship program for aviation students.
  • I moved to Continuing Education at York College where I became the Director of Marketing and Technology. I was the lead integrator for the LUMENS online registration system. It was there that I started the first e-commerce program on campus with online payments acceptance through that system. I also took over catalog production and automated its creation and selected a new print vendor who provides high-quality service and product at a lower price than past issues while increasing the number of pieces produced.
  • I moved to Information Systems when York hired a Chief Information Officer. I became the founding member of the York Web Team. In addition to working on the College website I've assisted our Athletics Program with getting their website up, as well as the Office of Career Services. Our team managed to recruit a top-notch web developer from one of our sister campuses and we've implemented the Plone CMS, replacing our old static website.
  • ZODB is a great technology.. for storing content such as text and the like.. but large files like video and audio from pod casts etc really tax Zope's ability to manage other objects effectively. Soon we will be migrating our site to Blobs using plone.app.blob.
  • Recently we've implemented our first PloneGetPaid ecommerce site here at York for our 2nd Annual Benefit Concert.

**Usually I don't have to volunteer, because I've been volunteered already.