Size Matters

Subrina and Emerge On The Radio presents "Size Matters" which defines "if you think big, you live big" .. Black, white, brown, blue, green, or polka-dot everyone is striving for success, and trying to build their own empire. On our show not only do we feature people who are making a change and developing a name for themselves; we listen, promote, and support. Along with interviews, we discuss topics with our guest, have our "Oh-Ish Moments", hit songs and
Size Matters

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Subrina and Emerge On The Radio Episode 2: The College Dropout
Subrina and Emerge On The Radio Episode 2: The College Dropout Today we talked about a college with a graduation rate of ONLY 4%, a college with a tuition cost of ONLY $184.00 Busta Rhymes calling out Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill's new song she released after being released from prison, the best "woopings" our parents gave us and more! Download the app for mobile devices Listen on today and every day on Wednesdays at 2pm!
The Adoption Prank
Eric pranks his step mother with The Adoption Prank.
Interview with Leroy B. Adams II
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