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Bryan Graves

Bryan got his start in radio at WRKL, Pomona, New York, Saturday afternoons. Then He worked behind the scenes at WTHE, Mineola, New York, while interning at Mix 102.7 and Sirius Satellite Radio, both in New York. From there, he landed an AM drive time spot at WNYG, 1440 AM in Babylon, New York. And now works at AM 1240 WGBB, Long Island’s first radio station.

His likes are NASCAR, football, tennis, camping, mechanical machines, hearing live bands, if not, participating in them with his piano. And when he’s not listening to contemporary Christian music, he enjoys new wave/smooth jazz.

His radio show at 1240 AM WGBB is heard every Sunday, 5p to 6p called “Bryan’s Praise Hour” where you’ll hear a blend of contemporary Christian music and some scripture reading, reminding listeners of God’s faithfulness and his abundant love for us all.

Bryan also brings his knowledge of programming, formatting, structure, and traffic control to, CUNY/York College, Jamaica, New York.

Jean Bruno

Jean-Morse Bruno is the  director of Marketing and Communications at Jean specialisez in Social Media Marketing. Jean is alum of York College, he majored in Anthropology and minored in Journalism.  Jean's background in Anthropology  has made him a very curious individual with a thirst for knowledge. Jean's hobbies include blogging, writing newscasts, photography and graphic art.

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