What are the writing requirements at York College?

A list of commonly asked questions about writing requirements at York.

PDF of Writing Requirements Guide

York College students are required to complete (pass)English 125, three Writing Intensive (WI) courses, and Writing 301, 302, or 303.

  • English 125: Introduction to College Writing

Foundational writing course: basic research, reading, and writing for college students.

  • Writing 300-level

These are junior level courses, where you will research and write a paper on a topic related to your major. You may choose Writing 301, 302, or 303 depending on what your major is.

Writing Intensive (WI)

Completing two WI courses at the 100 or 200 level and one WI course in your major at the 300 or 400 level is a graduation requirement at York College

Students are strongly encouraged to complete lower-level WI courses by the end of their Sophomore year and as soon as they complete English 125.

All WI courses use writing as a tool for thinking and learning; all require revision as a way of improving critical thinking. You should expect to complete 10-12 pages of formal writing. The list of WI courses varies from semester to semester and is published in each semester’s Schedule of Classes and is also available here. Completion of WI courses is noted on your transcript.

For more information on WI courses talk to your faculty advisor or contact WAC Coordinator Jonathan Hall.