I transferred into York from another school. What are my writing requirements?

A list of commonly asked questions about writing requirements at York.

Your particular writing requirements depend on your transfer credits. Please read the following guidelines very carefully.You should also consult with your academic advisor regarding your particular graduation requirements.

  • York College students are required to complete (pass) English 125, three Writing Intensive (WI) courses, and Writing 301, 302, or 303.

  • If you transferred into York College with an Associate's degree, or with credit for all General Education requirements, you are exempted from completing English 125 and two of your WI courses. You must still complete Writing 301, 302, or 303, and one WI course in the upper division within your major. If your major has no upper-division WI course, you must take a WI course chosen in consultation with your major advisor.

  • If you transferred into York College with credit for English 125 and some (but not all) General Education requirements, you must complete three (3) WI courses and Writing 301, 302, or 303.