Working with a Writing Fellow

Information about Faculty-Writing Fellow collaborations.

York College has six Writing Fellows (WFs) to work with faculty in all disciplines to help implement the College's WAC Program.

Writing Fellows are available for consultation and can help faculty teaching Writing intensive courses in developing a successful WI syllabus:

·         Draft scaffolded writing assignments

·         Help enhance previous writing assignments or create new ones

·         Develop informal “low-stakes” writing exercises

·         Craft writing assignments that will discourage plagiarism

·         Create writing-based activities tailored to your specific course

·         introduce time-saving grading techniques

·         Help your students improve their writing and their understanding of

discipline-specific writing guidelines

WFs have increasingly become an additional resource in the classroom  by offering mini-workshops on writing within the context of the course.  From synthesizing and integrating sources into a paper, to planning, drafting, and outlining a paper, WFs help students develop key writing skills.

For example, our current Writing Fellow Aneta Kostrzewa, delivered a series of mini-workshops for students in Professor Schuller's Introduction to Anthropology course. Each workshop addressed one of the four writing assignments required in the course and covered one specific aspect of the writing process:  writing a thesis statement, understanding paragraph structure, proofreading and editing a draft, etc.

Aneta’s workshops are accompanied by handouts that summarize all the material covered, and include writing exercises that students complete in the classroom. In an effort to bridge learning how to write with learning course content, Aneta uses course-specific readings and student papers as raw material for her presentations.