CAT Math Test

The Mathematics Skills Assessment Test measures students knowledge on a number of mathematical topics. The exam is computerized, with no time requirement.
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You are not allowed to use your own calculator. You may only use the windows calculator that is on our computer stations.
In order to be accepted to York you must earn a score of  40 or more in algebra (Math 2). 
Students who score less than 40 on Math 2 will be required to take numerical skills/prealgebra (Math 1); a score of 45 or higher in Math 1 places students out of prealgebra remediation

COMPASS Math is an untimed, multiple-choice, computer-based test designed to measure students’ knowledge of a number of topics in mathematics. The test is organized into four sections:

  • Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra: From basic math concepts and skills (integers, fractions, and decimals) to the knowledge and skills that are required in an entry-level algebra course (absolute values, percentages, and exponents)
  • Algebra: Questions from elementary and intermediate algebra (equations, polynomials, formula manipulations, and algebraic expressions).
  • College Algebra: Questions that measure skills required to perform operations with functions, exponents, matrices, and factorials.
  • Trigonometry: Topics such as trigonometric functions and identities, right-triangle trigonometry, and graphs of trigonometric functions

Placement into CUNY's required basic math courses is based on the results of the algebra section. Students must achieve 40 or more in Math 2 (Algebra) to demonstrate minimum proficiency. The test covers progressively advanced topics, with placement into more advanced mathematics or mathematics-related courses based on results of the last two sections of the test.

Math Practice Exercises:

Please note that you will directed to one of our sister colleges for online practice. However, you can download further practice materials in the below related content links.

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