I passed all parts of the CAT Entrance Exams, what is the next step?

Frequently Asked Questions for the CAT Exam

Dear student,

Congratulations on passing your skills Assessment Tests!

You are about to begin the most exciting, challenging part of your academic career: your undergraduate education!  Here at York we are committed to your success in this important endeavor. Outline below are seven steps you will need to complete prior to beginning your first semester at York.  Use them as a checklist!

STEP 1 –Complete Your Admissions Process

If you have not done so already, please submit all required documentation in order to complete your Admissions application, go to the Office of Admissions (Room AC-1B07/Telephone number 718-262-2165).

STEP 2 –Medical Records

Submit medical records to the Office of Health Services (Room AC-1F01/ Telephone number 718-262-2050)

STEP 3 –Financial Aid

If you are applying for Financial Aid, please go to Student Financial Aid Services to check on your status (Room AC-1M08/Telephone number 718-262-2230).

STEP 4 –Advising and Registration

Advising and registration will take place the same day!  Please go to the Counseling Center to be advised for your first semester of courses at York (Room AC-1G02/Telephone number 718-262-2272). Once you have been advised, please go to the Registrar Office to process your registration (Room AC-1H08/Telephone number 718-262-2145).

STEP 5 –Paying your Bill

After registration, you will receive a bill for tuition and fees.  If you are a financial aid recipient, your award will be automatically applied to your bill.  If you are not a financial aid recipient, please visit the Bursar’s office to find out about the interest-free payment plan administered by Academic Management Services (AMS). Please visit the Bursar’s office for additional information (Room AC-1H01/Telephone number 718-262-2186).  

STEP 6 –Identification Card

Smile! After payment has been processed, we will be taking your picture for your first   college identification card, please go to Public Safety (Room AC-1M02/Telephone number 718-262-2222).

Step 7 –Attend Classes!

    You may find out the first day of classes on York’s Academic Calendar at Academic Calendar .

We look forward to seeing you once again for the CUNY Proficiency Exam at the completion of your 45th credit.

The Testing Staff wishes you successful semester!


Ms Fenix Arias, MS Ed
Director of Instructional Testing