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The York College Writing Center: Faculty Information

What services does the Writing Center provide?

The York College Writing Center supports students in all aspects of the writing process: generating ideas, doing research, drafting, revising, documenting sources, using the conventions of written English, graduate school essays and using word-processing programs.

Will Writing Center tutors edit my students' papers?

The Writing Center's goal is to assist students in their development as writers.  Tutors do not proofread and edit student papers. They will, however, provide support for writers as the writers develop and express their own ideas and edit their own work.

How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Center?

You can encourage your students to use the Center by:

  • Telling your students about the Center.
  • Distributing the Writing Center’s Student Information flier to your students. (Call Ext. 2494 to order copies.)
  • Inviting a member of the staff to your class to speak briefly to students about the Writing Center. (Use the Classroom Visit Request form.)
  • Bringing your class to the Writing Center for a brief orientation. (Call Ext. 2494 to schedule a time.)

How can I refer students with special needs to the Writing Center?

Use the Faculty Referral Form to refer students for weekly tutoring or help with a specific assignment.

Writing Center Staff

Ms. Carolette McDonald

Ms. Jo Ann Glenn

Summer Hours

  • Mon - Thurs 10am - 5pm

June 2nd - July 23rd

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