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American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)

Promote professional development and instill professional attitudes in student engagement in the study of Aviation Management, Business Administration, Business Management or any other related field. AAAE also hopes to develop an understanding on the part of the student, that professional airport management embodies: technical ability, integrity, responsibility, purpose and desire to contribute to the strengthening of the position.

Accounting Club

To make accounting and business students aware of professional opportunities to prepare them for such opportunities.

African American Studies Club

To encourage students to major in Black Studies, to work with other Black Studies Clubs of other colleges, to encourage students to utilize the African American Resource Center, to help all Black students feel at ease with their African Heritage and to work closely with professors and staff members of the York College African American Resource Center to create and promote events.

African Student Association

To reunite and inform other people of Africa and to expose the rich and beautiful culture that Africa embodies and to reteach the heritage of Africa.

Aviation Club

To promote and market about the aviation industry, the latest news and what is happening in the industry, to bring some well known people from the industry to speak to the students.

Biotechnology Club

To inform students about the opportunities offered in the field of Biotechnology, to guide students majoring in biological sciences throughout their college career, and to provide students with information in the field of biology.

Bengali Student Association

 To introduce Bangali culture at York College community.

Blue Diamond Association

To inform students about Greek Letter Organizations and their purpose. It is to encourage students to engage in community service activities and to bring school spirit by doing events that will benefit the community and better students' college experience.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Society

Our purpose is to prepare our member for a higher social, economic, and intellectual status by hosting and inviting other organizations to the campus to network, conduct workshops, lectures, and presentations that will reinforce the aim of brotherhood and/ or sisterhood.

Cardinal Steppers

To expose students to the art and history of Stepping or Step-Dancing and to increase its popularity as not only a type of dance but an actual form of art.

 Caribbean Student Association

To bring together the Caribbean Student body of York to share common interests. Also, to educate non-Caribbean students of the ways of life in the Caribbean.

Cheerleading Team

To promote spirit and unity throughout the school and to improve the quality of communication and awareness between the students and events around the school.

Chemistry Club

The goal of the chemistry club is to promote awareness,interest and involvement in chemistry and chemistry related disciplines on campus and around our community 

College of Knitting

To provide an opportunity for members to openly express their creative ideas. The College of Knitting encourages its members to use their creative expression in the open and therapeutic environment, while they are educated on the art of knitting.

Create and Relate

To bring together diverse students at York College and provide them with a platform that will allow them to express themselves through the creative art of their choice.  

Cricket Club

To offer York College community members the opportunities to learn and play the game of Cricket.

Drama Club

To practice and promote creative expression through the art of theatre and live performance.

Entrepreneurship Club

To serve as a conduit through which York College students can access relevant entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community entrepreneurs and share business ideas. Also to stimulate interest in entrepreneurship among York students and the members of the college community. Also to provide students with a seedbed for developing and testing entrepreneurial talents.

Fourth Floor Productions

To educate students on the purpose of a communication technology major, and to widen their knowledge by using cameras, lights and other available technology. We want to widen the communication tech. knowledge from CT majors to prospective majors, to non CT majors.

Future Teachers Club

To provide opportunities for teachers to share ideas and experiences about teaching research and policies.

Game On

To provide an outlet for individuals who enjoy playing video games or who know plenty about video games.

Geology Club

To encourage and enlighten students to take part in helping the environment, learn about the Earth beneath us. To help students interested in geology learn and see the different processes and places that inhabit the Earth.

Gerontology Club

To bring together undergraduate and graduate students from the Gerontology Department and other disciplines that are interested in Gerontology.

Green Club

We intend to start a new mindset here at York and in the surrounding community.  People need to start taking better care of the earth. Our plan is to encourage green technologies and practices and to educate the community on the simple steps we can all take to limit our carbon foot print.

Haitian Student Association

To educate and inform the student body about the Haitian Culture. To also encourage the student body to be more involved with the culture.

Hillel Club

To familiarize students with the Jewish traditions, holidays and background about the culture.

History and Philosophy Club

To generate enthusiasm for the study of history and philosophy via informal discussion of relevant, current issues and media presentations. To create a sense of community among students.

Honors Club

To advance undergraduate education by sharing various intellectual and cultural experiences.

Latin Caucus

To enlighten the York College Community and share the Latin culture through leadership training, networking, and cultural performance.

Muslim Club

To offer a prayer area to the Muslim students at York College.

The National Society of Leadership and Success

The York College Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success – Sigma Alpha Pi is a subsidiary of a nationwide organization committed in creating a lasting positive change in the lives of students and their community. This society is made up of goal-oriented individualswho come together to learn and support each other. This society helps students create and achieve their goals for a better and successful tomorrow.

Nursing Club

To promote Nursing excellence. Student mentorship and community service.

Occupational Therapy Association

To promote/develop professionalism among OT students through participating in community and the community at large.

Pandora's Box

Provide the student body with campus and community news.

Physician's Assistant Club

The purpose is to enhance the experience of the students of the program. In addition, we hope to create a greater awareness and understanding of the program for those that are interested in working a medical field.


To expand the knowledge and to help those who have health issues such as HIV, social issues such as domestic violence and promote the walk for breast cancer feel much better by talking to them about.

Pre-Med/ Pre-Dental Club

To provide information and opportunities to students to help them succeed in their goals of getting into Med school and performing well.

Seek Student Society

To unite S.E.E.K and non SEEK students of York College through education and fun. We also seek to assist students in the transition from high school to college and point them in the direction of graduation.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club will promote the principles of the social work profession; foster cooperation and self-help among the students and the larger community; and serve as a linkage between the student body and the Social Work Program in academic and administrative matters.

 Women in Aviation

To encourage students to look for internships and network within the aviation industry. To foster interest and understanding of the accomplishments of women to the aviation industry. To promote aviation initiatives at York College.

Yoga/ Meditation Club

Through learning the techniques of meditation to achieve the state of yoga, students can learn how to manage stress and lead happier, healthier lives. In addition, techniques to improve focus, attention are obtained. Ways to deal with test anxiety and to improve overall balance in the daily life of a student is also taught.

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