Male Initiative Program

The purpose of the York Male Initiative Program and Men's Center is to provide a system of support, through various resources, that contribute to the improvement of enrollment and graduation rates of under represented populations, and particularly male students. Coordinated efforts to recruit students from various areas in the community, is one of our main goals. The other main goal is to provide various systems of support that lead to continuous satisfactory progress towards degree completion. The cornerstone of the program is our Mentoring Program, in which students have the opportunity to interact with other role models on our faculty/staff, and in the college community.

Mentoring Program:Each One, Reach One

To help students in their academic careers, the Men's Center offers a Mentoring Program based on the concept of 'Each One, Reach One.’ By having faculty, staff and students serve as mentors to those that register with the program, early identification of stumbling blocks in academic performance allows for quick intervention or, ideally, prevention.


The Barbershop is a monthly forum sponsored by the Men's Center that allows students to express their opinions about several issues, regardless of the topic. This is an informal setting based upon the cultural dynamic often found in venues like barbershops.

This forum is offered in collaboration with our community partners and is open to all students.

Back on Track Program

The Back on Track Program at York College offers an opportunity for college students to demonstrate leadership and provide service to the community by tutoring/mentoring middle school and high school students.

Pi Eta Kappa

Pi Eta Kappa, the academic fraternity and honor society for urban males, was established by Dr. Edison O. Jackson, President of Medgar Evers College, in April of 2007. PEK's mission is to:

  1. encourage, stimulate and maintain academic excellence in scholarship
  2. promote and support exemplary ethical standards in all conduct
  3. train responsible and respected leaders in all fields of human endeavor.

The Beta Chapter of PEK was established at York College on May 13th, 2009.

Annual Men's Conference

Each year during the fall semester, the Male Initiative Program and Men's Center sponsors a "Men on the Move" Conference--a forum to highlight the achievements of certain members of the college community, as well as the surrounding community.

Panelists share stories and testimonies of triumph and achievement in an effort to encourage others that share the same experiences.

Mens Center

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Black Male Initiative

All programs and activities of the Black Male Initiative are open to all academically eligible students, faculty and staff, without regard to race, gender, national origin or other characteristic.