Dimensional Committees

Foundations of Excellence Dimensional Committees


Foundations Institutions approach the first year in ways that are intentional and based on a philosophy/rationale of the first year that informs relevant institutional policies and practices.

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Foundations Institutions create organizational structures and policies that provide a comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated approach to the first year.

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Foundations Institutions deliver intentional curricular and co-curricular learning experiences that engage students in order to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors consistent with the desired outcomes of higher education and the institution’s philosophy and mission.

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Foundations Institutions make the first college year a high priority for the faculty.

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Foundations Institutions facilitate appropriate student transitions through policies and practices that are intentional and aligned with institutional mission.

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All Students

Foundations Institutions serve all first-year students according to their varied needs.

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Foundations Institutions ensure that all first-year students experience diverse ideas, worldviews, and cultures as a means of enhancing their learning and preparing them to become members of pluralistic communities.

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Roles & Purposes

Foundations Institutions promote student understanding of the various roles and purposes of higher education, both for the individual and society.

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Foundations Institutions conduct assessment and maintain associations with other institutions and relevant professional organizations in order to achieve ongoing first-year improvement.

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