Courses Offered

Here you will find information on Cooperative Education Courses. The information provided here will assist you in making the decision to determine if you would like to enroll in one.

Co-op 101: Orientation

This course is an introduction to the world of work; types of work environments and personal adjustment to them; scheduling of work related activities; development of career plans; preparation of resumes; job interview skills.

Co-op 111: Work Experience & Seminar I

Seminar associated with entry level work experience in job approved by the Cooperative Education Committee; maintenance of log and journal of work experience, analysis of work and workplace, oral and written presentation assignments, preparation of research paper related to cooperative job, firm, industry, profession, or student's career field.

Co-op 211: Work Experience & Seminar II

Intermediate and advanced students analyze work and workplace and prepare research report on co-op job, firm, industry, profession, or career field.

Co-op 311: Work Experience & Seminar III

In this final required seminar of the Co-op sequence, special emphasis is given to issues of career choice and career changing strategies.

Co-op 411: Work Experience & Seminar IV

An elective course in work experience open to students with opportunity to do significant work beyond the required terms.