Committee Members

New Student Orientation 2014
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Vice-President of Student Development

Dr. Geneva Walker-Johnson

Associate Dean of Student Development


Executive Assistant to the
Vice-President of Student Development

Office Assistant

Erzulie Vica Mars

Jennefer Clarke


Lisa Maycock
Randy Punter

Committee Members

Anthony Andrews
Sameea Belle
Tracey Branch
Alicia Cesar
Olivia Chatoorang 
Linda Chesney
Theresa Curry 
Ben Drepaul 
Randy Easterling
Starr Ferrens 
Sara Garcia 
Vanessa Georges-Corley 
Sharlina Goveia 
Michele Hardy
Sharon Hawkins 
Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite, Ph.D.
Ebonie Jackson 
Robin Mayers-Anselm 
Jean Phelps, Ph.D. 
Omefa Prass
Randy Punter
Jonathan Quash 
Clelia Ramos
Landrina Theus
Christina Urbistondo
Truett Vaigneur, Ed.D.
Paola Veras

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